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  1. Picture of a man in a light grey suit and a woman in a wedding dress with a pink flower in her hair. They are holding each other gently and in focus against a dramatic rocky backdrop.

    Photo by Gideon Photography

  2. Photo of a couple surrounded by a large wedding party in front of a white outdoor open-barn backdrop, with khaki suits, navy dresses, and pink flower details.

    Photo by Natalie Franke Photography

  3. Photo of a couple in matching navy suits and bow-ties, with crisp white and green flower accents, holding hands while walking down light-colored stone steps.

    Photo by Rhinehart Photography

  4. Close up of three rings balanced against each other. One is a wide metal band with an enlarged fingerprint pattern carved into it. The other two are arranged inside that one; one is a narrow inset band with gold and silver elements, and the other has a stone in a petite trellis setting.

    Photo by Kirsten Smith Photography

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